Jess Draskau-Petersson:

Jess is no stranger to combing sport, travel, with coaching.  She has coached sport including on international camps since 1995 and coached, mentored and assessed law students and HR professionals since 2001. She has lived/studied/worked and raced all over the world.  

Multisport-A snapshot of Jess's multi-sport background can be seen by her 2003-2006 results below which were combined with living on different continents New Zealand (2004), UK (2005), USA (2006) while undertaking full time study (postgraduate Law) and work (law lecturing / international masters candidates tutoring/animal advocacy/sport rehab mentoring). 
Career- From 2007 took a break from sport and focused on her career for 5 years in corporate London,included exciting global projects, transnational mergers and acquisitions, as well as working on the 2012 Olympic site. She worked for FTSE 100 clients, one of the BIG 4, and for the worlds largest global employer, and was a coach and assessor of HR professionals undertaking Chartership level development.  

2x Olympian-In July 2011 she decided to kickstart getting back to fitness by aiming to qualify for the 2012 Olympics as a response to her fathers advancing Alzheimers. 
After completing the 2012 Olympics and resuming corporate work, Jess decided to train for the Rio 2016 Olympics, and went out to explore altitude training, relocating full time to Colorado, USA in July 2013. Fortunately, despite setbacks like a significant car accident in 2015, she managed to make it to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Jess as a coach.-From her own journey, she is able to emphasise with the struggle to manage competing priorities, coming back after setbacks, making the most out of injury periods, gaining confidence through key workouts, the times when you need that extra support to get you through and to keep it fun and in perspective, while going for your personal goals. The importance of a flexible and learning mindset, and seeing the whole picture. She focuses on the person, not just the athlete when she partners with someone on their sports journey.
She has had the benefit of training and racing  with Olympians, Ironman Champions etc gaining insight where possible. Her varied experiences include walking on to a USA university team the year they won their Division Track and Field conference. She has multiple scholar athlete / varsity blue / sports person of the year awards from the UK, USA, NZ and the Isle of man. Been in various team captain positions and helped organise race events to let more people explore running and multi sport. 
She is wanting to give a very exclusive and limited number of athletes her support and attention, in terms of the day in day out coaching. To give them the most meaningful level of attention and access.  She is more interested in your motivation and commitment than your experience or time goals. 

Training Camps-However, although her coaching slots are limited,  she is approachable and available on our training camps, where she is dedicated to help the athletes on their journey and enjoys sharing the joy of sport and travel and discussing the pursuit of goals. She will be out there doing runs and workouts with you, answering your questions, and available for more in depth one to ones.

Races-She also enjoys helping a group at races, simplifying logistics, getting group deals, pre and post race one to ones, and getting people to their dream race when they wouldn't have gone on their own. 

Charity Racers-she has done many races for charity and her postgraduate legal research was focused on international environmental and human rights of indigenous people, she is very interested in people or groups taking on a event for charity. This is also how Jess started with endurance sport, taking on a charity spot for the 1998 London marathon when someone dropped out the month before and if she completed the event the charity would still get the funds raised.

Jess can be reached on our contacts page for availability for presentations, coaching, and training camps and other projects.

2003-2006 Results include:
13 Ironman Races including;
   2x Kona
   4x IM PRO Run course records
   9x Top 5 Pro Finishes
ETU LC Elite Team Silver
Several Half Ironman Elite /Pro Top 3's including various international National champs and 3-5 ITU Long course races similar to Ironman distance placing top 5.
3x Marathons including Qualification for Commonwealth Games
Duathlon (Elite/Pro Category)
4x Powerman Races - was ranked No.1 in the world.
   3x World Champs - Silver
   European Champs - Bronze
2x ITU World Champs - 4th and 5th, Team Gold

Work awards include: 
Olympic Delivery Authority Awards - for commitment and contribution to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Management. 
She received 3 of these annual awards by board selection of Olympic contractor nominees. 
Presented with the Annual Management Excellence Award for Performance from one of the worlds largest employers.