Altitude CampS

Scientific literature shows us that living or training at altitude causes the body to adapt to the lower oxygen content found there by producing more oxygen-carrying red blood cells and haemoglobin. This improves an athlete's ability to perform because more oxygen is available to the working muscles. This is even more pronounced when the athlete returns to sea level. Altitude permits athletes to reach their potential more quickly. We have noted many break through performances after only a few weeks of altitude training and seldom have athletes had any problem maintaining their new found success even when they return to sea level for whole seasons or even years. 

To that end we will be putting on our Altitude Camps in Font Romeu, France in May, June and July of 2017. The venue is set up perfectly for our purposes with a running track, some fantastic mountain trails, both hilly and flat, and great amenities around including a swimming pool and spa and the most wonderful cycling routes and scenery. 

The object of the camp is threefold: to get a solid but appropriate week of training in; to combine this with the benefits conferred by altitude and do so in an inclusive manner.

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