performance edge ARE here to support

you on your journey


We are 100% geared towards YOU the individual, and your goals. We understand the importance of quality nutrition, rest and recovery, access to cross training facilities, opportunities to socialise, opportunities for 1 on 1 time with coaches, access to sports massage and rehab, opportunities to discuss mindset development issues such as fear, or low confidence, procrastination, de-motivation, work or injury set backs and how to get back on track. Performance Edge's Training Camps are your opportunity to get training in a inspirational location and motivational environment.

Learn from and share in the passion of your sport by connecting with others. We'd love for you to stay in touch and keep us updated and love to include updates in our alumni communications. We do things differently, we see the whole person, and are happy to help people that have a pre determined goal and plan or people that want more tailored help. 



Between us we have over 70 years triathlon and Running experience, we have come at sport from different directions, but we share a genuine passion for sport and helping give people the strategies, systems, and tools to successfully reach their goals, while enjoying the challenge, and feeling supported and encouraged on the journey.

OUR ethos

I believe Performance Edge has a unique knowledgeable, down to earth and supportive ethos, where everyone whatever level of fitness feels not only welcomed but as a valued member of the group and whether your goal is a sub 4 hour or sub 2.30 hour marathon; to complete your first sprint triathlon or medal at Kona you will get the support you need.