Swimming Tumble Turns

Following a great Coaching Session at Westonbirt Triathlon Club last night where we worked on perfecting the Tumble Turn I thought it was an ideal opportunity to cover the basics in a blog post. Tumble 11 Accelerate to the wall but do not lift head to look at wall.

One mistake we see often is swimmers slowing as they approach the wall. Swim fast in those last 5 metres and convert that forward momentum into a fast turn.

2 Don’t take a breath on the last stroke.

In order to keep that nice acceleration to the wall do not lose that streamline position, which would decrease your momentum.

  1. Do not get too close to the wall.

With the knees in too bent a position you’ll restrict the power you can push off with so don’t get too close.

4 If possible do not breathe on your first stroke.

It’s sad but true that your fastest period of swimming in a length is just after the push off so the longer you can hold that streamlined, fluid dynamic position the quicker you will swim.

5 Tuck your knees in – a smaller ball will turn faster

Try doing an underwater flip turn – if your legs are straight, or body is not in a tucked position, you will see how much effort it takes to get the legs around and ready for push off.

6 Flip straight over – angle your feet at the wall and rotate body on the push off

The fastest way to get feet to the wall is with a flip straight over – chin to chest, knees tucked

7 Keep both arms straight by side/palms up –using abs to create the flip- hands and arms will be ready for a streamlined push off

8 Flip and Freeze – After executing a straight flip- with feet on wall, freeze to make sure your arms are straight, hand on top of hand ready for push off

9 Stay relaxed – exhale through nose to keep water out – and practice, practice, practice!!

Tumble 2