Epic Camp Day 3

photoDay 3 has lived up to the EPIC moniker.  At 06:15, we had a rolling start for the monster day of cycling.  From our condo in Kona, we spent the next 8 hours cycling 200km up a volcano with 1500m ascent and a run inside the volcano at the 150km mark.  This will be a short and sweet post for sure!  Neil started off with a group of 3 - within 5km, Neil was left to suffer the next 145km on his own... this gave him a lot of time to think!  And here is a snippet of what goes on in your head for 5 hours. 1. Make sure to use A Lot of chamois cream.  If you think you have enough, put another handful on.

2. Coca Cola: good when you have less than 2 hours to go.  Bad if you have 6 more hours.  

3. Cycling as hard as you can for the first hill does not bode well for the rest of the day.

4. No, your back wheel is not rubbing.

5. Pointing out hazards on the road is great - but as the day wears on, s%^t just gets run over.

6. When cycling to a place that means 'windward' or 'wet side' make sure to pack accordingly.

7. If someone is faster than you - they are faster than you... until they blow up and you pass them.

8. Fantasising about chocolate milkshakes is ok - whatever gets you through.

9. Did I mention chamois cream... really.  Get it on there!

10. You may be suffering - but you are suffering in HAWAI'I!!  Buck up!

All in all, it was a blur of emotions, but the end result was worth it as this is the view from out hotel in Hilo.photo