Epic Camp Kona Day 2

It's a funny sport when you can call a 3k swim, 10 mile run race and 1.5 (to 4) hour bike with a 5km climb at 20% an 'easy' day! The morning started with a 1.5K handicap swim race at the pier - going by previously submitted ironman swim pb ' s, (which kind of sucked if you were Eddie and had only done IM New York with it's down stream swim in the Hudson River and therefore had a super fast split) imagewe all go in and swam for our lives (there was a significant  swell today) - then back in for a 1.5K easy swim.  Sighting was a challenge as the bouys are quite small and hard to see on a calm day.  I figured that every 4 waves was a good time to try to sight - or get a mouth full of water.

We all regrouped and had a snack before driving down the Queen K to then make our way back on foot through the faimagemous Energy Lab down the Queen K - right at Palani (10K) down to Ali'i Drive and home (another 6K).  The heat is incredible on this road, luckily we had our Epic Camp support crew handing out ice and water - gels, bars and anything else you would want.

imageA lovely lunch was prepared for us on our return - and we graciously (but not gracefully) stuffed our faces in preparation for a 45K bike ride that included a 6K 'race' to the top of a hill with gradients of about 20%.  Let me tell you - I did Not have enough gears for  this ride which will be "interesting" as tomorrow's ride includes a 50km (yes you read that right) climb up to Volcano but more about that tomorrow.